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Boiled/Steamed Puddings

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 Preparation of your cotton pudding bag prior to cooking.

  1. Place bag in boiling water and simmer for 5 minutes.
  2. Remove and wring out well.
  3. Sprinkle an even layer of all-purpose flour (use approx ¼ cup flour) outside of bag. This forms a seal and prevents pudding from absorbing water.
  4. Turn bag inside-out and spoon in pudding mixture, batter or dough (by turning bag inside-out, it prevents pudding from having creases from the sewing).
  5. Pat into a nice round shape.
  6. Allow room at top for expansion (approx ½ “), tie tightly with string.
  7. Tie another length of string around top, long enough to tie to the handles on either side of saucepan to suspend the pudding.
  8. If your pan doesn’t have suitable handles, suspend a wooden spoon across the top and tie the string to that.
  9. Carefully lower pudding into boiling water.
  10. The pudding should float, without touching the bottom (place a small plate at the bottom of pot, so the pudding does not stick).
  11. Tie the string firmly across the pan to the handles.
  12. Cover, weigh down lid if possible, and boil pudding as per recipe.
  13. Replenish with boiling water when necessary, ensuring water remains at a constant, low boil.
  14. Remove pudding from water and hang (freely) in a well-ventilated dry place.
  15. Let pudding cool a little before removing from bag.
  16. Gently slide opening of bag around the pudding when removing.
  17. Cut in wedges or slices and serve with your favorite sauce.


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