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Lost Art & Traditions

Newfoundland Photos-Lost Art & Traditions2-www.saltjunk.comHave we gotten to a point where we have lost our ways to convenient and disposable products? Is it easier to throw away items than repair them? In our throw-away society, I believe, we have lost our traditional way of doing things and it is costing us lots of money in doing so.

Here are some of the Traditions or Arts we have lost within the last 50 years; knitting, darning, mending, sewing, cooking from scratch, food preserving, gardening, knife and scissors sharpening, food swapping (pot luck dinners), tea-leaf reading, repairing fishing gear, card games, wine and beer making, letter writing, quilting, tie dying, story telling (or yarns), wool skeining, wool balling, reading, the list goes on.

I will be publishing articles on these issues, please feel free to comment or add your own to the Lost Arts.

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