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Newfoundland Recipes-Homebrew-w-saltjunk.comThe recipe below was given to me 40 years ago by Douglas Jesso, a good friend of mine and the family.  It is simple to make and the finished product, although high in alcohol content (approx 14-16 percent), is quite refreshing.  The ingredients below are the same as it was decades ago.

Makes 5 gals


  • 5 gal water
  • 10 lbs sugar (confection)
  • 1–1 ½ cup Blue Ribbon malt
  • 1 pk bakers yeast cake (2 1/4 tsp)


Boil ½ gal water in a large pot.  Pour the ½ gal of boiling water in a 5 gal bucket or crock.  Add can of Premier Malt (was called Blue Ribbon Malt) and sugar. Stir until thoroughly dissolved.  Top off bucket with clean cold water (until you have five gallons). Sprinkle yeast on top.  Give it a quick stir. Cover bucket with cheese cloth (or saran wrap).  Allow 2 weeks fermentation.

Siphon beer into another clean bucket with plastic tubing. Cover and let settle for another week. Before siphoning beer to 12 oz bottles or mason jars, add ½ tsp of sugar to each bottle. This will provide just enough sugar for the yeast to carbonate your beer. Cap and store in a dark cool place for a minimum of two weeks prior to drinking. I prefer to drink my homebrew cold. Excellent with some dried roasted caplin.


  • You can use other malt syrup instead of Blue Ribbon Malt
  • For excellent results clean all beer making equipment
  • If you use brewers yeast, the recipe will change drastically


Newfoundland Recipes-BlueRibbon Malt-www.saltjunk.comNewfoundland Recipes-Premier-Malt-www.saltjunk.comBlue Ribbon malt is sold at http://www.eckraus.com/ but it isn’t called Blue Ribbon Malt anymore. Premier Malt Limited has always produced what we know as Blue Ribbon Malt. They have since dropped the name Blue Ribbon Malt and just starting calling it by their own name.

mucker – confusion; in a tight corner; nonplussed



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