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Newfie Mess

Newfoundland Recipes-Newfie Mess3-www.saltjunk.comThe origin of this recipe “Newfie Mess” is unknown; however, chatting with the older folks in my community, they remember their grandparents making this dish when they were youngsters.  There are many versions or variations of this recipe, depending on where you grew up in Newfoundland and Labrador. The most common dish is made up of fries (we called it chips), dressing (turkey or chicken stuffing), and smothered in gravy.  This dish is simple and the design is to utilize the left-overs from a Sunday dinner.

From my area, I have eaten this dish with homemade bread, layered with “Ties” (sliced fried potatoes – that’s what my Mom called it), smothered with mutton & onion gravy, dressing or stuffing  and cheddar cheese. Now, this is a dish to die for.

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