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Byron Thomas



Byron Thomas is from Middle Arm, NL, a food blogger who created Pretty Practical Pantry http://prettypracticalpantry.com/, a website designed to share his new found love of vegetarian food, experiences and recipes with the world.

I had the privilege in chatting with Byron this evening, although he specializes in vegetarian cuisine or as he calls it “Modern Fare & Traditional NL Cuisine“, he assured me that there are plenty of NL dishes that fall in this category, which he will share with us.  So I believe that there are plenty of dessert dishes in his recipe box…lol

Check out his delightful website and share his world.





NL Hospitality Still Alive & Going Strong!!!

Doreen-&-Gerald-WellsI thought that NL hospitality was either dead or disappearing from our beautiful Island, until I had the opportunity and privilege of meeting two wonderful people, Doreen and her hubby Gerald Wells from Clarke’s Beach.

It all started when her best friend “Michele Lawlor” contacted me to sign one of the Bologna Cookbooks for a birthday gift for Doreen. Because of the logistics involved, and that I was heading towards St. John’s, I volunteered to bring the gift to her friend.

First, I met Gerald, we had a little chat outside in his yard, then proceeded to their house where I introduced myself to Doreen, and explained that the gift was from her friend Michele. Within seconds I was sitting at their kitchen table eating Doreen’s delicious tea biscuits (which is a secret recipe) with a cup of steeped tea and having a great chat with both of them.

It’s has been a long time since this happened to me. Doreen and Gerald, thank you for restoring my faith in Newfoundland & Labrador hospitality and thank you for making me feel welcome in your home.


Note: Doreen is frying Country Pride bologna, which is actually made in Mount Pearl, NL. It is absolutely delicious.  Morris Foods, Mount Pearl, NL